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No compromises.


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Synplogen Co., Ltd. is a synthetic biology startup established in February 2017,
originating from Kobe University’s Graduate School of Science, Technology and Innovation.
Using our proprietary DNA synthesis technologies OGAB™ and Combinatorial-OGAB,
we provide DNA synthesis and DNA library construction services,
and as a biofoundry specializing in gene therapy,
“Gene Therapy Biofoundry™”, we also provide design,
development and analysis services for gene therapy products such as viral vectors and mRNA.


Our core technology OGAB™ assembles up to 50 DNA fragments and can synthesize long-strand DNA ranging from a few kbp up to 100 kbp with extremely high success rates. In addition, we have Combinatorial-OGAB for synthesizing DNA libraries with thousands to tens of thousands of patterns, as well as technologies that significantly reduce the production cost of viral vectors used in gene therapy, a market that has been rapidly expanding in recent years.



OGAB™ can be used to synthesize DNA of various lengths up to 100 kbp, as well as complex DNA syntheses with features such as high/low GC content and repeat sequences. We also design and construct large and diverse DNA libraries tailored to our clients’ needs using Combinatorial-OGAB.



We provide Gene Therapy Biofoundry™ services related to commercializing research for gene therapy products (Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control: CMC). In addition, through collaborations with domestic and overseas development partner companies capable of GMP-compliant manufacturing, we have established an integrated development and manufacturing value chain that will contribute to early entry into clinical trials and early commercialization of innovative gene therapy products.




Synthesis of precise and long genomic DNA

Our company’s name Synplogen is derived from our proprietary DNA synthesis technology,
OGAB™, which enables the precise synthesis of long-strand DNA.



We welcome applications from individuals of various talents and experiences.


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